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Gain a deep understanding of why attachment relationships are so vital to every child – both at home and in the nursery. Find out how it all works and why it has such a profound effect on all aspects of development. Discover effective ways to make a secure relationship with babies and young children as you find out what encourages secure attachment behaviour to develop.

This set of five films about attachment relationships during the first three years of life detail the vital importance of children’s relationships to infant mental health. They give a deep understanding of key theories and include the effect of emotional development on the brain.

Attachment in Practice

Take a close look at how attachment relationships form, develop and shape behaviour from birth to three years.


Attachment & Holistic Development

For anyone who thinks that working with babies is boring and repetitive, watching these sequences will help them think again


The Wonder Year - 1st year & shaping the brain

See the amazing development and learning that takes place in a baby's first year


Life at Two - Attachments, key people & development

Following Ava for a whole year, we chart her developmental changes and the value of key attachment relationships for this two year old at home and nursery.


The Two Year Old - At home & nursery

Find out what really makes two year olds tick. Understand their behaviour and how to effectively support their development.