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Find out how communication develops from birth right up to five years. Understand what motivates children to communicate and how to support them in becoming skilful communicators. Why do tiny babies need talking with even though they can’t understand? Why is it good to let children grapple with conflicts? How can you encourage language and literacy making it a meaningful and enjoyable process for the child. This set of five films about communication from birth to five details the development and learning involved in acquiring language, literacy and social skills.

Communicating and Socialising

Delve into the social world of the under 7s and find out how to best support effective communication skills


Born to Talk

How babies, 0-3 months, communicate with those around them – and how to tune in to them


The Wonder Year - 1st year & shaping the brain

See the amazing development and learning that takes place in a baby's first year


Firm Foundations For Early Literacy

Explore exactly how you can lay firm foundations for developing literacy skills right from the start


Supporting Early Literacy

Find out what skills young children need to become confident readers and writers


Falling Out

Explore how conflicts are managed by 3 & 4 year olds and what they are learning in the process.