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Why is the outdoors of such importance for babies, toddlers and two year olds? Find out what it offers them and what aspects motivate them most. How is it stimulating their learning and development emotionally, physically and cognitively? Learn how you can support these essential areas of development outside and how you can provide an appropriate environment for this age group to support children’s effective learning.

This set of three films covers the importance of the outdoors for the first three years of life. They cover the learning and development of 0 to 2 year olds in outdoor environments and will enable you to gain a real solid understanding of theories that are relevant to this age group.

Babies Outdoors

Build the rational for outdoor provision in your early years setting. Find out how the outdoors meets babies interests & supports well-being and development


Toddlers Outdoors

Find out how to support children most effectively during their second year as they play, learn and explore in the great outdoors.


Two Year Olds Outdoors

Find out what it is about the outdoors that really motivates young children to learn.