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Why is play is so crucial for supporting young children’s learning and development? This 6 DVD collection is a comprehensive introduction into the study of play and it’s array of benefits that support the learning and development from birth to seven-years-old. You will see many rich examples of play that explore what is going on for children cognitively, physically and emotionally during child-led, enjoyable activities.

We also take an in depth look at why play has such an important role in a child’s ability to become an independent learner. You will gain an in depth understanding of what they are learning and how this supports their ability to become self-regulating, effective learners.

Observation is at the heart of effective assessment and planning. Through careful observation of children at play, you can gain a deeper understanding of their interests and how they learn best. With the ability to watch and re-watch the video material as much as you need, you can hone skills that will help you to recognise and identify the variety of possible learning outcomes that can come from rich play experiences.

Pretend Play

See the way pretence develops with 11 sequences of Pretend Play, giving you a view into children's pretend games


Exploratory Play

Treasure baskets - discover the amazing powers of concentration of very young children whilst they play with everyday objects


Learning through Play - Documentary

An introduction to the value of play for children's learning & development in all of the areas of the EYFS


Learning through Play - Observation

Play is a child's most powerful tool, so how do we best support it? By observing  behaviour, thinking carefully about what you've seen, linking it to theory and then putting that thinking to good use for the child.


Play & Learning at School

See how child initiated play supports learning in the classroom environment.


The Power of Physical Play

Understand what motivates young children's physicality and why this is so important to their holistic development and learning.