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Understand all about early childhood development and learning with the Documentary series. With access to this comprehensive library of films, you will have the opportunity to explore all about the development of babies and children from birth to seven years old. There are 100’s of rich sequences that closely observe and analyse all aspects child development, motivations and learning within this collection.

To help you navigate through your library, each DVD explores a particular subject in depth and has a commentary that describes what is happening on screen, linking theory to practice in an engaging and memorable way. Each DVD is structured in an easy to access chapter format, making it easy to hone in on particular aspects of development and how best to support it.

Each product also comes with supporting notes, ‘good for looking at’ points, topics/questions for discussion, further reading, transcripts and much more that will support the development and delivery of training sessions for staff teams and students.

Attachment in Practice

Take a close look at how attachment relationships form, develop and shape behaviour from birth to three years.


The Wonder Year - 1st year & shaping the brain

See the amazing development and learning that takes place in a baby's first year


Born to Talk

How babies, 0-3 months, communicate with those around them – and how to tune in to them


Babies Outdoors

Build the rational for outdoor provision in your early years setting. Find out how the outdoors meets babies interests & supports well-being and development


Toddlers Outdoors

Find out how to support children most effectively during their second year as they play, learn and explore in the great outdoors.


Two Year Olds Outdoors

Find out what it is about the outdoors that really motivates young children to learn.


Life at Two - Attachments, key people & development

Following Ava for a whole year, we chart her developmental changes and the value of key attachment relationships for this two year old at home and nursery.


The Three Year Old

Understand the effects of change and separation and the powerful nature of feelings in young children. Find out how to assess developmental levels appropriately.


Falling Out

Explore how conflicts are managed by 3 & 4 year olds and what they are learning in the process.


Learning through Play - Documentary

An introduction to the value of play for children's learning & development in all of the areas of the EYFS


The Power of Physical Play

Understand what motivates young children's physicality and why this is so important to their holistic development and learning.


Play & Learning at School

See how child initiated play supports learning in the classroom environment.