About Siren Films

The UKs leading creators of educational videos for early years professionals

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We’re inspired by developing films that are educational, stimulating and, like children, simply fascinating to watch. We capture real events in children’s lives from their viewpoint – transforming contemporary theory into practice in a digestible way.

With many years of film making experience, our team has helped Siren Films become recognised as a leading expert in creating training resources for the study of child development. Our films support academics, professionals, therapists, nursery staff and anyone who aspires to help children lead happy lives and reach their full potential.

Wendy and her team work with other experts in the field to make sure every production brings you up to date theoretical information about how children learn and develop.

We have recorded thousands of hours of authentic, unscripted and honest footage over the years. By capturing children behaving naturally, doing what they do, we’re able to honestly test theories and open up the discussion for new ones in the process.

What we provide are the required tools to equip childcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel within this field.

What really sets Siren Films apart is the time we spend with individual children. We often return on a regular basis to observe and record individual children’s progress. This allows us to study their development over time and provides truly absorbing subject matter for debate in the classroom.

Julian grenier, Head of Sheringham Nursery

"There is nothing to rival the naturalistic films which Siren have so lovingly produced, showing children at home and at nursery, enjoying times and enduring struggles, and the power of the clips makes them stand apart."

Julian grenier, Head of Sheringham Nursery