Adding team members

Setting up your team members can be done from your account area.

Click on teams > view > add member

Here you can add in the email addresses of the members of your team that you would like to join and have access to the clip library. There are two options to invite a team member:

  • Type in the email to the box and send an invite to your team member. They will receive an email with a link. When they click this link they will be sent to the siren website and prompted to set up an account (if they don’t already have one). Once they have set up the account they should be able to access the clip library via the top menu button.
  • There is a code/link that you can copy and paste (for example this could be pasted into an email that you send out to a group of emails) any one who clicks this link will be prompted to set up an account and will then have access to the clip library. This link can be clicked by anyone who has access to it and is not tied to a specific email address. If you click to regenerate the code, the previous code will no longer be active.

Owners, Managers and members

You can decide what kind of user your team member will be. If you want them to have access to building playlists then set the user as a manager.

  • The owner will be responsible for billing. The owner doesn’t have to use up a seat in the team if they are not going to need access to the clip library.
  • Managers can manage the team and build playlists.
  • Members just get access to the clip library materials.

You can add and remove users from you account when you need (for example if a team member leaves or a new one needs access).