An introduction to pretend play with Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen looks at the subject of pretend play, using archive footage from the British Library, including footage from Siren’s early archive of footage.

Some great old archive footage of children at play, is used in this video interview with Michael Rosen.

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The British Library have a collection of archive footage on a wide range of subjects. Included is some of Siren’s archive footage from the documentary Woodbine Place. Michael Rosen has included these two classic siren clips in his article ‘An introduction to pretend play’.

Rosen has also chosen some fascinating clips from 40s and 50s post war Britain. Amazing to see how much the physical and social landscape has changed for present day children. The amount of freedom the children in these videos are allowed is evidently a marked difference for the majority of children’s play time today.

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Pretend play is the most fascinating of all of the play forms. It takes up a huge proportion of young children’s time and it builds skills in many essential developmental areas. Importantly it also fosters children’s self-regulated learning.

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