T Level Technical Qualification in Education and childcare (level 3) (delivered by NCFE)

Video materials to support delivery of the OS EYE - PO 1 - 3

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Working together with the endorsement team at NCFE Cache we have curated a valuable selection of video clips that will enhance your teaching for the T Levels 1. Technical Qualification in Education and childcare course (Occupational Specialisms in Early Years Educator).

The video materials have been mapped out for Performance Outcomes 1 to 3 with materials available for each individual section. For each Learning outcome there are a selection of clips that can be used to enhance knowledge and understanding of specific topics and generate thought and discussion with your students. Videos without voiceover can be used as source material to practice observation skills prior to going on placement.

There are examples from a range of homes and settings to get a good rounded view of different types of provision. Children are seen at home with their parents, in schools and early years settings with practitioners, and also with child minders.

Children’s ages range from baby up to age 7 with the majority of the footage being from birth to five.


The materials can be used in a number of ways.

Tutors and lecturers

  • You can access the materials online from your Siren Films account on our website. You can choose to have access for yourself to deliver during lectures and lessons. If it is a live in person lesson you can login to your Siren account have instant access to all of the NCFE Cache endorsed clips.
  • You can also choose to have multiple users with access for you and your team of tutors who will all be able to access the materials via their own account. Each user can create their own playlists of videos to make sure your favourite clips are right where you need them.
  • If delivering remotely via Zoom or Teams (or something similar) you can download the clip/s you want to use before your lesson starts. This minimises the risk or videos not playing during your session due to internet speed issues.


  • You can choose to have remote access for your students. When logged in they can access all of the materials on our site. They can also access any playlists you create.
  • There are a few ways of allowing access for students either with individual or group accounts. Get in touch with Katrina – katrina@sirenfilms.co.uk – and we can talk you through your access needs.


The content has been mapped out to fit with the performance outcomes. There are two types of clips:

Information clips

Information clips have a voice over and are a more traditional style documentary video. The voice over describes what is happening adding valuable insight and information.

Observation clips

The other type of clip is more observational and has no voice over. These clips are great for the student to notice for themselves what is happening for the child. There are ideas for what to focus on while watching these clips. They can be watched a number of times, focusing on different aspects each time.

There is also an icon on each clip: the eye indicates observation and the microphone indicates information clip.

There are a number of packages starting at just £99 + vat per year.

Individual packages give access for 1 tutor to use the videos in their lessons and training.

Teams packages are for multiple tutors to deliver training.

Education packages are for tutors to deliver training and for students to access the materials remotely outside of lessons.

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NCFE Cache Endorsement

Once you are logged in and have been activated as a NCFE Cache user, you will see a branded tag appear on any clip that has been endorsed to support the delivery of performance outcome 1 to 3 T Levels (EYE specialism). You will also have full access to all of the clips and materials that are available in the Early Years Clips Library. Be aware that only the clips that are in the NCFE Cache section or have a branded tag on them are endorsed by NCFE Cache. You can use any of the clips in the library for your teaching if you find an alternative clip you would like to use but all clips without a branded tag are not currently endorsed by NCFE Cache.

 1 T Level’ is a registered trademark of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education. 

The T Level is a qualification approved and managed by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.