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A morning with Poppy

Poppy has arrived at nursery to find her favourite space, the soft play area isn't available. Changes in her routines can be hard for her.

Good for looking at

  • Managing emotions
  • Co-regulation
  • Self-regulation
  • Self-calming
  • Resource accessibility


  • Poppy co-regulates, then self-regulates, using her developing memory of play to help herself calm. Repetition from adults and resource accessibility is facilitating this.
    What self-calming behaviours have you established with your children through co-regulation, repetition and resource accessibility?
  1. Upset is acknowledged
  2. Calms with a favourite resource (book)
  3. Upset again
  4. Brief interest in a sensory box presented by practitioner
  5. Calms with book again
  6. Calms with jigsaw
  7. Travels with these two happy resources
  8. Distraction through environment includes finding other children to watch
  9. She has learnt her environment well and the opportunity for transporting resources has helped.
  10. Undisturbed by a loud environment, when soft play is available.
  11. Is Poppy drawn to proximity of others when climbing the soft play?
  12. Her interesting peers is confirmed when she move to the safety net.
  13. We see Poppy tolerating and also upset by other children taking her jigsaw pieces. Why might this be?
  14. A final upset after looking for more jigsaw pieces in the empty box and Poppy seeks out a practitioner playing with another child, again quickly calming. Trust has been established towards the adults in the setting.