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Chatting with grandma – cooing and turn taking

6 week old baby 'chatting' with grandma. Grandma chats to baby and he makes cooing noises in an early turn taking conversation.

Good for looking at

  • Speech, language and communication development - cooing, turn taking
  • grandparents
  • attunement


  • How do Grandma and baby interact with each other, look out for body language and facial expressions as well as any noises.


  • What did you notice about the babies noises and body language?
  • How is this interaction supporting the babies speech, language and communication?
  • How did Grandma start the ‘chat’ with baby?
  • How did Grandma respond to the babies cues?


Along with crying, cooing is often one of the first noises babies make. When Grandma fills in the gaps between his noises this showing the baby about turn taking. Turn taking skills are needed for effective communication in conversations.

Do you take time to chat with very young babies?

How do you know if a very young baby is ready to interact?

Young babies can be easily over stimulated, how might you be able to tell if they have had enough?