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Skye – joining in and learning from others

Two year old Skye loves spending time in the nursery garden. She likes watching the older children and copying what they do.

Good for looking at

  • Social development
  • Physical development
  • Learning outdoors
  • Wellbeing


  • What cues can you see that show what Skye is interested in? (Look out for non-verbal and body language as well as spoken language)
  • How is Skye learning? Which areas of development, engagement and characteristics of learning can you observe?
  • In what ways do the other children’s support Skye’s learning?
  • How does the environment support her learning?


What did you recognise about:

  • How Skye is learning? Did you see any evidence of the characteristics of effective learning?
  • The areas of learning and development that were covered through her play activity?
  • Skye’s social behaviour and the importance of the older children for her?
  • The importance of the environment and the materials?


What would you do next?

  • Using your knowledge of Skye’s interests in the other children how could you use this to extend her learning?
  • Did watching the clip help you notice any particular strengths in having mixed aged groups?
  • Could you suggest a way of encouraging children to support each other’s learning in your own setting?