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Target child – complete sequence

This chapter is an uninterrupted 10 minute sequence with introductory information about the setting and details of children. The sequence is of five 4 and 5 year olds, in a class full of children, seated around a table working on the task of drawing a picture of themselves doing something helpful for someone else. There is one teacher.
Each child is identified by a letter on the screen. Their age and sex is as follows:-
  • Child A boy - 5  years 4 months
  • Child B boy - 5 years 2 months
  • Child C girl - 5 years 6 months
  • Child D boy - 4 years 11 months
  • Child E girl - 4 years 11 months
The 10 minute sequence is presented initially without any interruption so that it can be used to practice the target child technique with any starting objective you wish, (e.g. social behaviour, concentration, language development etc.).