Two Year Olds Outdoors – Full Film

Through observing what children are interested in at this stage of their lives this film gives real insight into why spending time outdoors is essential for their holistic development. Following six children of gradually increasing ages we’ll see that movement is still an intrinsic part of learning for this age group. As the children follow their interests we can see and hear them making new connections as they experiment and come up with new ideas. Outdoors they are clearly motivated to learn at a deep level. During this year the children’s language, imagination and social skills are really taking off. The film focuses on these developments as so much of their time outdoors is spent developing these skills in an environment that is full of possibilities. Made in conjunction with Jan White an early years outdoors specialist. She has also written the comprehensive accompanying notes which link developmental theory with practice, expand on information given in the film and include prompts for developing practice.


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