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What are the practicalities of the role of the key person? Developing an effective key person approach which is centred around quality interactions with children and parents has practical and organisational issues that will need to be thought about. Section two of the key person course will help you think about this in the context of your setting. It also looks at the importance of supervision and how staff members can support each other.

Observing key people in action in short observation video clips opens up discussion and reflection on the theories that were covered in section one. Seeing what attachment behaviour can look like in settings and what issues may arise (both practical and emotional) can support practitioners to reflect on their own practice and experiences. This leads to an action plan being formed after each session, making sure the training leads to practical and physical results for your team and your setting.

Everyone involved will quickly get used to the format and allowing your staff members the safety of being able to discuss the practice seen in the videos is great for starting discussion and reflection on current practice. It’s a method advocated by a recent Ofsted research report.

  • Why quality interactions during key times and care routines are so important and how to make the most of this
  • Why the relationship between key person, parent/carer & child is crucial and how to develop trust
  • Understanding the emotional issues that may arise when practicing a key person approach
  • How to organise an for an effective key person approach and support each other as a team
  • Why the key person is in the best position to support play & learning and the importance of sustained shared thinking

When does the course start and finish? +

The course is available to rent for a year. You choose when to go through the course as it’s entirely self-paced. You can go back and forth between sessions when ever you like.

How do I access to the course? +

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course – across any and all devices you own. All you need is a reasonable internet connection.

Are there any guides to help me facilitate the course? +

Yes, for each session there are facilitators guides and task sheets for course participants. You can print out as many as you like.



Explore the benefits for key children and key people of using a shared care system with in the setting.


Explore the importance of using regular, repeated routines like eating, sleeping and changing for warm, sensitive, personal interactions


This session explores the sometimes difficult area of the key person approach of love and caring in a professional capacity


Explores the important role the key person plays in supporting the child’s attachment to their primary caregivers


Find out how the key person can best support their key children’s play and learning

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£69 - 1 year

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