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The sequences illustrate how this initially very simple play, becomes increasingly complex, as children begin to develop pretend games with their peers – eventually leading to complex socio-dramatic play with older children up to age 7.

Each sequence is preceded by a brief introduction to help you understand the different developmental stages. Observing separate sequences gives the opportunity to really analyse how and why children are entering into this world and what they are gaining from it. As you observe the complex nature of pretend play within this age group, you will be inspired to provide unique ways to support each child to reach their full potential through their play.

The supporting notes, serve as a vital reference for all chapters covered. An introductory description, suggested topics of special interest, a transcript of the language used and potential discussion points are provided for each sequence. There is also a list of suggested further reading.

How can I use this video? +

  • The chapters establish key areas of learning and development, perfect for in house training
  • Each individual chapter allows for in-depth analysis, perfectly complimenting use in presentations, seminars and lectures
  • Great for inspiring group discussions amongst staff teams
  • Encourages thought and reflection on current practice
  • Compliments 1-2-1 supervision training and CPD
  • Real examples clearly illustrate complex theories producing engaging and memorable learning
  • The chapter structure offers flexible learning time and pace convenient to you


Isobelle cleans up

Solitary play with objects   •   Early stages of pretend play    Language development    Fine motor skills

Angus feeds dolly

Solitary symbolic play    Early stages of pretend play    Fine motor skills    Hand eye co-ordination    Emotional development

Joanne's tea party

Early pretend play with an adult  •  Social & emotional development    Language development    Effective adult involvement

The dancing class

Role play    dressing up    Gender    Adult involvement & extending play    Physical development

Harley gets dinner

Solitary play with dolls    Mathematical development    Language development    Symbolic use of object    Social & emotional development

Two play mums and dads

Socio-dramatic play    Language & communication development    Knowledge of the world    Social & emotional development

Cats and dogs

Socio-dramatic play    Literacy    Social & emotional development    Language & communication development


Fantasy play    Social & emotional development    Enjoying team games with rules    Physical development

The factory office

Complex socio-dramatic play    Language & communication development    Physical development    Mathematical development


Complex socio-dramatic play    Emotional & social development    Language & communication development    Knowledge & understanding

The journey

Emotional & social development    Language& communication &  development

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