A game of skittles – ELGs

A group of children are playing a game of skittles in the yard. They have some support from the TA.

Good for looking at:

  • Numerical patterns
  • Addition
  • Counting
  • Writing
  • Socialising
  • Games with rules
  • Turn taking
  • Physical development

The children in this clip are demonstrating a variety of mathematical skills from within both of the Mathematics ELGs.


  • that mathematical thinking is demonstrated across a variety of opportunities and challenges.
    It is worth watching this clip more than once to focus on a different child each time


Refer back to the ELGs for Mathematics

  • There are elements of both Mathematics ELGs shown in this clip and the children will be ‘Expected’ in both by the time final assessments are made. Is there anything else you might need to teach or observe?
  • Notice how the outside environment is used, and how mathematical opportunities present themselves
  • Which other Early Learning Goals are being demonstrated here?