Book about life – frogs – ELGs

Looking at a book about life (a children's encyclopedia) Anya talks with the teacher about what she can see in the book, taking what she knows and questioning new information.

Good for looking at

  • Communication and language
  • Understanding the world
  • Sustained shared thinking
  • Looking at books
  • Effective practice
  • Reading

This clip starts in the middle of a conversation about a book, which develops as we watch.


  • the relationship between the adult and the child
  • how comments and questions are used by both the adult and the child as they discuss what they are reading
  • how the adult reflects and remodels some of Anya’s speech when responding to her reflections and comments – It is important that it is a conversation that has arisen from the interests of the child, not one engineered by the adult


Refer back to the ELGs for Language and Communication.

  • Anya is fascinated by this book and has spent a long time looking at it. When the adult joins her the conversation becomes one of sharing knowledge and new vocabulary being practiced while things are clarified
  • What does the adult do?
  • Which other Early Learning Goals are being demonstrated here?


Encyclopedia of Life - The book featured in the video clip Visit Link