In conversation with Warda Farah, speech and language therapist

We recently met up with Warda Farah in Greenwich to talk to her about the origins of speech and language therapy and how the profession cannot move to the future without confronting and acknowledging its racist and colonial knowledge base. We know that children from Black backgrounds are overrepresented as having Speech & Language Impairments, due to biased assessment protocols. We know that our current models, practice base & service delivery is not good enough to bring about equitable change for these children/families. How can we all use our SLT skills to create meaningful change and social impact?

Good for looking at

  • Speech and language therapy
  • Anti-racist practice
  • Supporting speech and language development
  • Intersectionality


    1.   Introduction to Warda Farah
    2.   Deficit based models of learning
    3.   Intersectionality and its importance for educators
    4.   Power dynamics in the education environment
    5.   Creating safe spaces for marginalised children
    6.   Acknowledge privilege and challenge systemic bias
    7.   Social justice - get involved
    8.   Linguistic justice - what it is and its importance
    9.   Questioning advice from a professional