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Phonics session – ELGs

A shortened version of an adult led phonics session. A simple and fun phonics lesson which ends with the children having a go at writing sentences.

Good for looking at

  • Phonics - adult led session
  • Literacy
  • Writing

This clip is of an adult led phonics session.  Notice how the adult is making it fun and engaging the children, and watch the faces of the children.  When they go their tables to write the dictated sentence we see close up shots of children who are within the Writing ELG


  • Particularly the little girl with the pink bow in her hair (Olivia). English is not her first language.  She is intently watching the adult and forming the sounds
  • When the children are writing notice the child who fills his page with writing


Refer back to the ELGs for Literacy

  • Which other Early Learning Goals are being demonstrated here?