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Play and Learning at School – Full film



Introducing some of the children and different aspects of play and learning in a reception class.

Let's pretend

Self initiated imaginative play inside and outdoors.

The wedding

Everybody gets involved in a role play whilst the teacher draws on areas of learning through play.

Playground Games

Playtime outdoors covering interactions, games and managing emotions.

Physical Development

Outdoors devising their own physical challenges whilst building relationships.

How & Why?

Curiosity and experimental play leads to lots of discussion in class.

Calculation & Creative Efforts

Self initiated tasks in the classroom offer an opportunity for different areas of learning.

Playing with Numbers

Children making connections with numbers that mean something to them.

Chatting with Adults

Children engaged in different tasks communicating with adults for different reasons.

The Witches den

One idea sparks the imagination and creativity for a group.