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Poppy – Ready, steady… go 1

Poppy is playing with a box of figures. She is supported by the practitioner. The team have talked about small goals for Poppy and using the phrase "ready, steady... go" is being used to gently encourage Poppy to engage and start to use eye contact while she's playing with others.

Good for looking at

  • Support for a.s.d
  • SEND
  • Social development
  • language development


  • The practitioners play commentary and patient presence leads to an invitation from Poppy. The early stages of partnered play begin.
  • The practitioner leaves a pause before “Go” so that Poppy can process, anticipate and then share the experience. ‘Go’ develops a concrete meaning, conceptually useful in giving meaning to language.
  • Autistic behaviour often includes simple repetitive play. Here this is used as a route to socialising and language acquisition – but it does not happen without skilled adult intervention.