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Professional Love – observation clip 5

Practitioners Rose and Julie talk about their feeling about the role of the key person.

Good for looking at

  • The role of the key person
  • Emotional issues for key people

“The work of early childhood professionals involves not only ‘care and education’ but ‘love, care and education’”

(Page and Nutbrown 2008:183)

Keep this quote in mind while you watch the clip and also think about the following question:


  • What evidence do you see of professional love and unconditional positive regard for children and parents?


What are your thoughts about:

  • Having heard Rose and Julie talk about their feelings, take some time to reflect on your own experiences

Further reflection

(you may want to watch more observation clips before moving on to further reflection)

  • Being in a warm loving environment is beneficial for us all. What impact does it have on your emotional well-being when you watch or are around children and adults who display loving relationships?
  • What have you felt when your key children have left or moved on?
  • Are there times when you’ve found it more difficult to treat all of your key children with unconditional positive regard? Why do you think this was?
  • What access do you have to professional supervision and reflection on your role as a key person?
  • What further support would help you – to safeguard your wellbeing as well as improve your practice?
  • How do you support parents to understand the particular nature of the key person role?
  • If you are a manager, how do you handle the complexities of the key person approach in your setting?
  • How do you ensure that you are providing a warm, nurturing environment for children and adults alike?


  • What provision/support system could be put in place to support the complexities of relationships between you, the child and their family?
  • Could these kinds of issues be discussed in personal supervision sessions?