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Rose hammers

Almost three year old Rose is working out how to hammer a nail. She has to over come problems and work out strategies to manage the task.

Good for looking at

  • COEL - Creating and thinking critically, having their own ideas, choosing ways to do things
  • Woodwork
  • Tool use
  • Perseverance
  • Motivation
  • Physical development

Almost three year old Rose is working out how to hammer a nail. She has been shown by the practitioner how to do it and is now trying it on her own.


  • How Rose approaches learning a new, difficult task. Be specific, look out for body language
  • How is Rose learning. Which areas of development, engagement and characteristics of learning can you observe?
  • What’s valuable about the materials provided?


What did you recognise about:

  • The way Rose is learning – what evidence did you see of her creating and thinking critically?
  • The areas of learning and development that were covered?
  • The importance of the environment and materials?


What would you do to:

  • Encourage her to practice more and really master the skill? Could you give her more time and more objects and see what she does?
  • Encourage Rose to think about what to do next and develop a plan?
  • Talk to Rose’s parents/carers about her achievement?

What next:

  • Could you suggest a way of doing something equivalent with the children in your own setting? What might have to happen before introducing tools into your setting?