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Shared care – observation clip 3

Laura looks after Ida until Maria, her Key Person is available.

Good for looking at

  • The key person approach
  • Multiple attachments
  • Attachment at nursery
  • Attachment behaviour
  • Support for the key person
  • Sharing information

Laura looks after Ida until Maria, her Key Person is available.


  • What evidence do you see of practitioners supporting each other to enable an effective key person approach?
  • How do practitioners support children when their key person is not available?


What are your thoughts about:

  • Ida’s state, what did her gestures and body language tell you?
  • Ida’s level of development – what stage of the attachment process does she seem to be at?
  • The role of the adults in this interaction – how did they support Ida?
  • How did the adult’s support each other?

Further reflection

(you may want to watch more observation clips before moving on to further reflection)

  • When might you need support from others with your key children?
  • What might prevent effective information sharing?
  • Why do you think shared care is important: for the child, for the parents, for the practitioner?


  • What action can be put in place to improve how you support each other?
  • Do you share information effectively? Could this be improved?
  • Does shared care work better in some rooms rather than others? Could you organise for planned observations to share nest practice in your setting?

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