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Target child C – Observation

The sequence is now repeated with a focus on Child C, a girl who is 5 years 6 months

This time there is a detailed example of a target child observation written on screen using the same headings from the target child observation sheet. (see further reading) We have chosen here to look particularly at social development. Minute by minute we record what Child C is doing and as much of the language used as possible. We identify which child the behaviour recorded is directed towards or who is spoken to. In this example the task column is the same throughout - drawing a picture. The social column is the type of social contact the child is engaged in - in this case ‘small group’ except where the teacher is also present in which case it is ‘small group plus teacher’. This section finishes with an evaluation of the information collected. A detailed example of this study can be also be found in the 'further reading' tab. 

Good for looking at

  • Observation techniques
  • Understanding the unique child
  • Observing social behaviour


Target child observation sheet Download
target child c observation Download