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The Two Year Old – at nursery

Arrivals at nursery

27, 30 & 33 – months – Settling in at nursery with key person support.

Reunions with mum

26, 27 & 30 months – Looks at triangular relationship between key worker, Ava and mum.

Lunch/snack times

26, 30 & 33 months – Development of social skills.

Starting nursery - In playground

26 months – Good key person practice – positive interactions and listening.

Mark making

26 months – Recognising schematic learning.

Playing with pasta

26 months – Free flowing imaginative play.

Care routines

30 months – Positive key person and child attachment.

Playing with key person

33 months – Learning through play and how an adult can sensitively extend play.

Playing with key person (2)

35 months – Problem solving and developing empathy through play.

In the playground

35 months – Social playtime outside with boxes and bikes.