Nurseries and Early Years Settings

How can we help you?

Providing quality staff training on a tight budget is made easy with our library of documentaries and observational studies. By using our DVDs for your in house training, your team will gain a real understanding of child development and how children learn most effectively.

Developing Confident Practitioners

The films encourage practitioners to reflect on their own practice and are great for generating discussion and thought. With this kind of regular insight your team will be able to support children with a real understanding and confidence about the provision they offer. The user notes provide support and guidance for planning training sessions and together with the films, they make an ideal resource for your in house training.

How can I use the films? 

All of our films encourage close observation as observation plays such an integral part in every practitioner's role. Observation involves stepping back and listening as well as watching. The film process allows us to do this in a very special way. Being able to watch sequences repeatedly enables adults to tune into just what it is children want to know about or need support with. The film format also offers an excellent opportunity to practice observations as a team. This provides the opportunity to open lively discussions and invites reflection on current practice.

Use these products to:

  • support in house training & staff development

  • encourage thought, discussion and reflection

  • help your team put new ideas into practice

  • support working with parents

Increase knowledge and understanding of...

  • child development theories

  • what motivates children

  • how children become effective learners

  • observation, assessment and planning

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