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Attachment and Holistic Development

The development of a secure attachment relationship is a crucial part of early development. Through careful observation of early relationships all other areas of development are observed as well. This film shows baby Orson as he develops through his first twelve months. The sequences show mum, dad, 6 year old son, and their new baby boy, Orson. They stretch over a whole year and show a wide range of development – from the first primitive reflexes to the grasping of object permanence and from the first eye contact after birth to fully developed attachment relationships.

These sequences can be used to observe the main shifts in skills and abilities – physical, social and cognitive – common to babies in their first year. You can analyse how attachment relationships build up and how affection, responsiveness and consistency affect them. At the same time you can see how development is holistic and that cognitive development is not separate from emotional, social development and communication.

  • Be able to identify crucial stages of development that take place in the first year of a baby's life - physical, social, communication and cognitive
  • Learn to identify what 'tuned in' social interactions are - from birth onwards
  • Gain insight into how an attachment relationship forms and is nurtured
  • Study what attachment behaviour looks like
  • Understand how babies that have secure attachments flourish in other areas of development

How can I use this film? +

  • For use in seminars and lectures for analysing particular interactions or stages of development.
  • A  perfect resource for in house training and CPD
  • As illustrations to lead into discussion of topics in more depth
  • The notes provide you with an overview of each section and will guide you to the critical areas of note
  • For formal observations with objectives to lead to evaluations
  • For informal observations to notice aspects of learning/development/feelings
  • As a longitudinal study – to understand the way babies develop and progress
  • The sequence structure also makes the film flexible to learn at a time and pace that is convenient



A short introduction to this product.

Video Clip 1 - Feeding

Newborn – First feed after birth.

Video Clip 2 - Attunement

2 weeks – Mum and Dad begin to connect with Orson and read his signals.

Video Clip 3 - Dads

1 month – Dad tries different methods to soothe Orson.

Video Clip 4 - Crying

2.5 months – Understanding crying as a means of communication

Video Clip 5 - Early conversations

2.5 months – Baby joins in with daily activity.

Video Clip 6 - Baby massage

3 months – Exploring the many positive benefits of massage.

Video Clip 7 - Tummy time

4 months – Covers the importance of this activity for physical development.

Video Clip 8 - Intrest in objects

5 months – Explores the importance of play at this age.

Video Clip 9 - Mirroring

5 months – The importance of effective communication

Video Clip 10 - Singing games

6 months – Fun singing games and their developmental benefits.

Video Clip 11 - Peek-a-boo

6 months – Observing the acquisition of new cognitive and physical skills.

Video Clip 12 - Object permanence 1

7 months – Looking at age appropriate development.

Video Clip 13 - Object permanence 2

9 months – Cognitive abilities.

Video Clip 14 - Independent feeding

8 months – The wonders of weaning and finger food.

Video Clip 15 - Playing together

9 months – Bath time offers opportunity for play and learning.

Video Clip 16 - Separation anxiety 1

7 months – Attachment to carer and separation.

Video Clip 17 - Separation anxiety 2

10 months – In distress at been left with others.

Video Clip 18 - Staying close

11 months – Orson asserts his needs and follows mum.

Video Clip 19 - Social referencing

11 months – Orson looks to Dad for guidance.

Video Clip 20 - Joint attention

12 months – Good for evaluating development at this age.

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