An Introduction to Self-regulation

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Learn what self-regulation means and why it’s so important for young children. Find out what psychological developments are needed for self-regulated learning to thrive. Know about the theories involved and be able to talk confidently about self-regulation. 

David Whitebread talks in an easy to understand way about these theories with examples and graphics to further explain what is really meant by the term self-regulated learning.

Contents   Video duration - 10 minutes      References and further reading

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Understand what it's all about

Developing self-regulation helps children in really important and far reaching ways. Research show that self-regulated children become much more successful in later life – both emotionally and as independent learners. So it's important to really understand what it's all about in order to help children in the most effective ways.

This ten minute introductory film gives a clear explanation of what self-regulation is. To help you understand how self-regulation develops it explains how four basic psychological principles are the bedrock of self-regulation, allowing it to thrive.

David Whitebread, one of the principal researchers into self-regulation in young children, talks about these important prerequisites and how they can be provided. David’s insights are beautifully illustrated with real life examples.




Meet the Expert

This film is based on an interview with David Whitebread, Principal research Assosiate of the University of Cambridge in the Faculty of Education. His on going research concentrates on the fundamental importance of young children developing as independent, self-regulating learners. His applied psychological research is aimed at helping practitioners who work with our young children to delve deeply into how children develop and learn.

See how his insight and knowledge can be translated into the basis for excellent early years practice.




The learning outcomes

  • Learn what self-regulation means
  • Learn why it’s so important
  • Learn what psychological developments are needed for self-regulation to thrive
  • Know about the theories involved
  • Be able to talk confidently about self-regulation

How can I use this film?

  • Real examples clearly illustrate theories producing engaging and memorable learning
  • Compliments in house training, 1-2-1 supervision training and CPD
  • Perfect for use in presentations, seminars and lectures
  • Great for inspiring group discussions amongst staff teams
  • Encourages thought and reflection on current practice
  • Offers flexible learning at a time and pace convenient to you