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The image shows a close-up of a toddler's profile with the title "THE TWO YEAR OLD" and the subtitle "At Home & At Nursery". The background is dimly lit.

If you’re setting up or improving your provision for two year olds, these sequences provide a perfect resource. Filmed over the course of a year we follow the trials and tribulations of Ava, these delightful sequences give a real insight into what life is like for a two year old. You will also have the unique opportunity to see Ava’s first day at nursery, and on this important day, how her key person and her Mum work together to allay her anxieties and support this transition over the following months as she settles in.

You will be able to observe and analyse all of the developmental milestones that take place during a year in the life of a typical two year old. Sequences show Ava becoming increasingly independent from the safe base of her relationships with her close adults.

Also captured are her challenges as she deals with the strong emotions experienced by two year olds. You can observe and compare how Ava’s relationships and activity at home and at nursery, support and nurture her development.


Playing with farm with mum

24 months – Child led imaginative play.

Getting dressed

25 months – Supporting independence.

Playing with dough with peer

27 months – Parallel play, adult helps with conflict resolution.

Going shopping

28 months – Boundaries and challenging behaviour.

Going for a walk

28 months – Engaging with the outdoors.

Playing with animal toys alone

28 months – Pretend play, developing empathy and schematic learning.

Playing shops with peer

35 months – Role play and friendship

Playing with rice with peer

35 months – Communication and sharing.

Arrivals at nursery

27, 30 & 33 – months – Settling in at nursery with key person support.

Reunions with mum

26, 27 & 30 months – Looks at triangular relationship between key worker, Ava and mum.

Lunch/snack times

26, 30 & 33 months – Development of social skills.

Starting nursery - In playground

26 months – Good key person practice – positive interactions and listening.

Mark making

26 months – Recognising schematic learning.

Playing with pasta

26 months – Free flowing imaginative play.

Care routine

30 months – Positive key person and child attachment.

Playing with key person

33 months – Learning through play and how an adult can sensitively extend play.

Playing with key person (2)

35 months – Problem solving and developing empathy through play.

In the playground

35 months – Social playtime outside with boxes and bikes.

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