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A happy child is swinging by their arms, held by two people, against a blurred green background. Text overlay says "LEARNING THROUGH PLAY," indicating an educational theme.

The insightful narrative and attentive filming thoroughly explores how, through careful observation of children at play, you can gain a deeper understanding of their interests and how they learn best.

Filmed over a whole year, this documentary follows a 3-year-old boy called Seb, busy playing in a wide variety of settings – on his own, with his mum, in a group and with a friend enjoying indoor and outdoor play around his home and at nursery. As we follow him over the year, you are able to gain a real insight into his leaps in development and how best to support this.

Each chapter explores how all of Seb’s playful activity involves many aspects of the characteristics of effective learning. So becomes clear and easy to relate to how both his attitude towards learning and all of his areas of development are supported by his rich play experiences. We look at how you can apply this to the EYFS in a straightforward and easy to understand way.

  • Gain a deep understanding of what children are learning through play
  • See how play motivates children to learn and challenge themselves
  • Understand how play supports all areas of development
  • Be able to confidently observe, assess and plan play activities with key objectives and outcomes
  • Be able to link the theory of play based development and learning to your own practice

How can I use this video? +

  • Real examples clearly illustrate theories producing engaging and memorable learning
  • Compliments in house training, 1-2-1 supervision training and CPD
  • Chapter structure lends itself perfectly for use in presentations, seminars and lectures
  • Great for inspiring group discussions amongst staff teams
  • Encourages thought and reflection on current practice
  • Great for using with parents
  • The chapter structure offers flexible learning at a time and pace convenient to you



Introducing Seb and a brief overview of contents

Communication & language

The role of communication and language during play.

Personal, social & emotional

Looking closely at Seb’s relationships with others during play.

Mathematical development

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy and how this may be nurtured through play.

Creative development

Seb experiments with ideas and materials provided in enabling environments.

Knowledge & understanding of the world

Looking at Seb’s motivation to learn, explore and reflect.

Physical development

Looking at the development of fine and gross motor skills.

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