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Life at Two follows Ava, a typical two year old for a year, both at home and nursery. We have captured all of her highs and lows as she deals with the emotional aspects of change involved in being two. You will also see the importance of good relationships with key attachment figures and how they affect overall development. As the year progresses for Ava, we also explore how her independence increases from the security of a safe base.

The film shows her playing, dressing herself, socialising, having tantrums, starting and settling into nursery and how, throughout this year, she becomes increasingly aware of her feelings.

This film will help you come to understand why forming close, trusting relationships with adults is so important to overall development and learning and why key person relationships are vital in the nursery environment.

  • Gain insight into a two year old's behaviour, development and learning
  • Study each stage of a two-year-old's emotional and social development in detail
  • Understand exactly how integral key attachment relationships are to overall development
  • Be able to link theory to practice easily by observing what theories actually look like in everyday situations
  • See excellent examples of how to develop an attachment relationship between a key person and child
  • See how to support and implement the parent-child-key person dynamic within the nursery setting

How can I use this video? +

  • This longitudinal study allows in depth study of each stage of development
  • Chapter/sequence structure lends itself perfectly for use in presentations, seminars and lectures
  • Link theory to practice easily by observing what theories actually look like in everyday situations
  • The ability to re watch as often as needed leads to further in depth study
  • Chapter/sequence structure lends itself perfectly for use in presentations, seminars and lectures
  • Compliments in house training, 1-2-1 supervision training and CPD
  • Great for inspiring group discussions amongst staff teams
  • Encourages thought and reflection on practice provision for 2 year olds
  • Supports working with parents
  • The chapter structure offers flexible learning at a time and pace convenient to you


Introducing Ava

Introducing Ava – her multiple attachments and her family.

Ava starts nursery

26 months – Introducing key person approach – acting as a secure base.

A day at home, developing independence

26 – 27 months – Developing confidence, negotiation and conflict.

Ava's first full day at nursery

27 months – Looking at the role of the key person in the settling in period.

A day with mum, learning and exploring

28 months – The importance of attachment for the development of empathy and exploring her transport schema.

A feeling of belonging at nursery

30 months – Becoming part of the group.

Playing with Claire at nursery

33 months – Socialising with peers and the importance of the key person role.

Making friends, joining in

3 years – Development of relationships with peers, co-operation and conflict.

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