The Power of Physical Play





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Two children are playing outdoors, one jumping joyfully. Text promotes "THE POWER OF PHYSICAL PLAY" and developmental learning from ages 0 to 7 years.

The Power of Physical Play examines how this type of play supports physical development from birth to seven-years-old. It also shows how physical play has such an important role in a child’s ability to become an independent learner. As we follow children during their day to day business within several settings, you will gain an in depth understanding of precisely what they are learning and how this supports their physical development and ability to become self regulating.

Together with looking at the holistic development and learning taking place during physical play, there is a comprehensive section about adult support. In this section, you will see how, as a practitioner, you can best apply this knowledge to your everyday practice. Clear examples of ‘modelling’, ‘scaffolding’, ‘specific praise’ (and more), will allow you to confidently improve key relationships and effectively support independent learning and self regulation. Aspects of risk are also included.

Made in collaboration with David Whitebread of Cambridge University, we present all current research and theories on physical play in a straightforward way. The accompanying user guide booklet (written by Whitebread, ) will help you to plan your training session. The supporting information covers all subjects in the film with each section including questions that will inspire reflective practice and topics for discussions. There are also ideas for further reading and study.

  • Understand particular stages of development
  • Gain a deep understanding of what and how children learn through physical play
  • See how to support physical development
  • Understand the theory of self-regulation and how it can be encouraged
  • See clear examples of adult support for effective learning strategies
  • Put what you learn into practice and effectively support independent learning
  • Be able to think constructively about risk

How can I use this video? +

  • The chapters establish key areas of learning and development, perfect for in house training
  • Each individual chapter allows for in-depth analysis, perfectly complimenting use in presentations, seminars and lectures
  • Great for inspiring group discussions amongst staff teams
  • Encourages thought and reflection on current practice
  • Compliments 1-2-1 supervision training and CPD
  • Real examples clearly illustrate complex theories producing engaging and memorable learning
  • The chapter structure offers flexible learning time and pace convenient to you



Introducing the concept of physical play and why it is important.


Gross motor play

Types of activities, exercise play, body sense, rhythm, confidence, happiness.

Fine motor play

Types of activities, hand-eye co-ordination, concentration, muscle development.


How babies inbuilt drives can develop into highly self motivated learners.

Social learning

How physical play supports social development.

Rough & tumble

Its importance for emotional and social development.

Risky play

Discussing possible concerns about risks involved with physical play.

Environment & materials

Rich learning environments for physical development.

Adult support

Effectively supporting children’s physical development through play.


A summing up of all of the concepts of physical play .

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