Case study: Christine Hanson, East Sussex County Council

Christine Hanson
Support and intervention Consultant,
East Sussex C.C.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am an early years specialist teacher working for East Sussex County Council. One aspect of my role is to written and deliver training to childminders, pre-schools and school reception teachers. This training is variously around: making effective observations; understanding learning for 2 year olds, making accurate assessments; managing behaviour; maths; phonics; writing etc.

 Which products are you using?

Siren DVDs: Exploratory Play; Learning through Play – 3-4 year olds; Life at Two; Pretend Play; Toddlers outdoors; 2 year olds outdoors; Play and Learning at School

How do you use them?

Playing excerpts from films (without voiceover) as discussion points in training


Who do you use them with?

Preschool practitioners, childminders, Reception teachers and teaching assistants, Headteachers and EYFS leads in schools


What problem did using Siren’s products solve for you?

Access to a wide range of examples of children of all ages – particularly in independent self-initiated play.


What would you do without them?

Trawl youtube

Would you recommend us to a friend or colleague?