The key person approach and it’s links with attachment theory

The key person approach, pioneered by Elinor Goldschmeid, is a crucial part of early years and EYFS practice. This section looks at how the key person approach is underpinned by attachment theory. There are information clips giving background about relevant theories and observation clips for you to practice observing these behaviours in young children.

During this course you will be guided through by your online trainer Kate. The format of each session starts with an introduction and a brief overview of the subject that will be covered. There are then ideas to think about before watching a selection of observation video clips. There are questions to help you and your team reflect and make an action plan of how to put what  you’ve learn to good use.

1.1 Essential attributes of a key person

1.2 Understanding attachment

1.3 'Tuning in'

1.4 Providing a secure base & a safe haven

1.5 Proximity maintenance & separation anxiety