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Drawing a grid – ELGs

Skye has paper, pens and a ruler. She uses these to create a picture.

Good for looking at

  • Physical development - fine motor, hand control
  • Creative ideas
  • Maths
  • Concentration

We have met Skye and her friend Anna before.  This time we are seeing them in a different context and the focus is on Skye.


  • the importance of well thought resources that are always accessible
  • the fine motor control needed to use these tools effectively so Skye can get her ideas onto paper


Refer back to the ELGs for Physical Development

  • What do you notice about Skye? How is she demonstrating that she is meeting the ELG for Fine Motor Skills?  How has this been enabled?
  • What part does the adult play?
  • Which other Early Learning Goals are being demonstrated here?