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Joanne looks at photos

Joanna looks at a book of family photos with her Mum. She identifies people and asks who some of them are. She describes what people are doing and where they are.

Good for looking at

  • Understanding the world - people and communities
  • Language and communication
  • Parents


  • What is Joanne learning from this interaction?
  • Which development areas, characteristics of learning are evident?
  • How does Mum support Joanne’s learning?
  • What is valuable about the photograph book as learning resource?


What are your thoughts about:

  • What areas of learning and development were covered during this interaction?
  • The role of the adult in this interaction – how did she support Joanne?
  • The effectiveness of the photo book as a learning resource?


What would you do to:

  • Support Joanne’s interest in her family and friends?
  • Encourage her to talk about events she can remember?
  • Encourage her to talk with other children and find out about their families?

What next:

  • Could you engage parents and encourage them to help you make books like this for the children in your setting. Enjoying finding out about each individual child and encouraging their language, communication and memory at the same time.