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Life at two – Developing independence at home

26 – 27 months – Developing confidence, negotiation and conflict.

Contents of section

  • Confident to make choices
  • Looking at books, counting, mark making
  • Conflict in shop with mum - importance of negotiation
  • Parallel play with peer - conflict over objects

What did you notice

  • How can you tell that Ava is used to looking at books?
  • What shapes does Ava make when writing her list?
  • What does Ava do when she gets into the shop?
  • What do you think about the way mum responded to Ava’s behaviour?
  • Why do Ava and Esther argue?
  • Why is it good for Ava to be able to make her own choices?
  • In what ways is Ava asserting her independence?
  • How is mum helping Ava’s development?
  • What can you say about Ava’s personal, social and emotional development?
  • What can you say about Ava’s communication and language development?

Out of Ava’s attachment to and dependence on her mum comes the beginnings of her independence. Her secure relationship with mum enables her to feel confident to make her own choices which is part of becoming independent. When Ava and mum go to the shops a tantrum soon ensues when Ava runs off, wanting to be independent. It’s the secure base mum provides that allows Ava to express her feelings to the full. Mum then deals very sensitively with her challenging behaviour. Back at home, playing with her friend, Ava again feels secure enough to express her self to try and get what she wants. She needs an adult’s support when it comes to sharing, which is a difficult concept at this age, and sharing in practice can be even more difficult!