Poppy – Ready, steady… go 2

Poppy is playing with the practitioner, they are using various resources and objects. This clip shows the strategy of 'ready, steady...go' being used again in a similar way but also bringing in a more tactile and physical approach.

Good for looking at

  • Support for a.s.d.
  • Shared play
  • Object play
  • Physical play
  • Effective practice
  • Wellbeing


  • The practitioner validates Poppy’s sounds affirming these as valued communication.
  • Holding the dish at the same time. It can take a while to reach this point happily but it is an example of the shared play experience.
  • The practitioner waits for Poppy’s attention before dropping the Compare Bears.
  • Shifting the same trusted and understood ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ to a more tactile, physical play brings giggles from Poppy.
  • Are we attaching enough importance to physical communication as well surging ahead to establish PECS?
  • Physical communication develops. There is now an invisible elastic between Poppy and practitioner.