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Reading in the den – ELGs

A small group of children are in the willow den and have chosen some books to look at together. They each have their own book. Good for looking at
  • Literacy
  • Reading
  • Love of books
  • Story telling
  • Socialising

This short clip shows us children immersed in reading stories that they are familiar with.  Just as in the previous clip, it is clear that the children enjoy stories and can retell them with pleasure.


  • children enjoying stories and retelling them with pleasure
  • how the environment supports the children’s love of books


Refer back to the ELGs for Literacy

  • At least one of the children is within the ELG for Comprehension. Is there anything else you need to know or observe?
  • What part does the adult play?
  • Which other Early Learning Goals are being demonstrated here?