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Target Child C – Evaluation

The observation shows that our target child is a friendly and confident child. She frequently initiates conversation and speaks to everyone in the group during the session and also addresses the group as a whole. Her social confidence is further illustrated by the way she speaks to the teacher without being asked each time the teacher joins the group as seen in minutes 2, 8 & 9.
She shows a caring attitude to others by the way she responds to B about his work – taking the initiative by asking the whole group what they think of B’s picture and voting her own approval by putting her hand up (minute 3). She shows a developing understanding of rules by the way she reacts to D when he takes a rubber in minute 5. She herself reveals knowledge of socially acceptable behaviour by asking for things before taking them as in minute 3. She doesn’t appear to be satisfied with her own work as she spends most of the time rubbing it out. However she responds well to the teacher’s request to “tell your neighbour what your picture’s about”. In minute 8 she describes how she “let Kimberly and Sam watch the television”. From this short observation our target child seems to be an example of a child whose social development and behaviour is as expected from a child of her age. She appears to be well balanced and sociable. She exhibits a sense of fair play and seems to understand social rules.
Observations can point to possible difficulties – why the constant rubbing out? - is it a real problem in completing tasks?