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Toddlers Outdoors – full film


  • Liam, 13 months: With mum he is enjoying independence whilst having a safe base to explore from.
  • Abolfazl, 15 months: Playing in the nursery garden with objects and experimenting with movement and spinning.
  • Michael, 15 months; In the nursery garden enthralled with forces of nature – effects of wind, movement and blowing dandelions.
  • Yasmine, 18 months: Highly motivated to explore objects and surfaces in the nursery garden.
  • Jaleel, 20 months: In nursery garden experimenting with water and sand whilst nurturing friendships through play.
  • Daisy, 22 months: Shared sustained thinking with Aunty Sue as they explore the riverbank.


Toddlers Outdoors: Play, Learning & Development - Accompanying booklet written by Prof Jan White. Download