Woodbine Place is 30!

Made in the 1980s by Wendy McEvoy (director of Siren Films) for Channel Four this film is more poignant now than ever. With children rapidly disappearing from our streets the film leaves plenty to think and talk about. This fascinating documentary will give anyone who works with or is interested in children, an insight into children's social lives. Filmed over the summer holidays, the result is a revealing study of the street play of young children (3 to 7 years) living in a cul-de-sac in a North-East town. Through their games, fantasies and interactions we get a revealing and unsentimental view of children's society, showing the importance of the peer group in shaping the child's social development. As the film develops, sometimes moving, sometimes enchanting and often sad, it reveals certain aspects of childhood which may dislodge some cosily held views amongst grown ups. It presents us with a powerfully honest series of events which takes us as close as we are likely to get towards seeing the world as a child.  

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The Wonder Year

The Wonder Year - First Year Development & Shaping the Brain

Just watching other people being parents is a great way to learn about being a parent. The Wonder Year follows baby Orson from birth until his first birthday and looks at the way his brain develops. It delves into the ordinary interactions that parents have with their young children and looks at why sensitive loving interactions are so important for the development of the brain and body. 

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