8 Reasons why Siren’s Clip Library Saves you time and improves delivery

The new Early Years Clip Library is an extensive collection of high quality training videos. The short clips have been created from Siren’s tried and tested back catalogue and also includes hundreds of new clips films filmed in early years settings around the country.

So here are 8 good reasons why the clip library will be useful to you and support the delivery of your course…

1. Real life examples of child behaviours

Real life video examples of child behaviours are an asset for training anyone involved in the support and development of children during their formative years from 0 – 5 years (and beyond). Clips come with additional information, prompts and reflection questions to provide support and guidance to making fitting clips into your course simple.

2. If a picture speaks a thousand words…

If a picture paints a thousand words, video provides the added dimension that brings theory and concepts to life. At a time when placements are increasingly difficult to arrange, being able to study children in detail, in situations where they feel most comfortable is crucial.

3. Easily find what you need

The clips are easily searchable to filter and select the clip you need. You can also view clips organised by categories into easy to use playlists. You and your team can also create your own playlists where you can save you and organise clips to fit with your needs.

4. From Attachment to Metacognition

The video clips cover a wide range of subjects from attachment and brain development, to effective learning and setting up a forest nursery. If you can’t find what you need get in touch and our team will help you select what you need.

5. Choose information clips

Many of the clips in the library are information based. They consist of documentary footage of children in real situations with a voice over that describes what is happening, how the children are learning, and how the adults, environment and materials are supporting the child’s learning. View information clips 

6. Pick observation clips

There is a range of observation style video clips that have no voice over so that you can allow students to practice observations. These clips are also very versatile during lectures and seminars for re-enforcing your message or learning point. View observation clips

7. Keep up to date

The Early Years Clip Library is updated with new material frequently and you, your team and your students will have access to any new material with your active license.

8. Follow a child over time

Child studies – some of the video clips follow specific children over a period of time making them perfect for more in depth study of child development. View example of child study clips

Start exploring the clip library

With 100s of short video clips to search through there's always going to be something that fits your needs. You can search by area of child development, specific theories, areas of play, learning strategies, age or setting and find just what you need to enhance your course.

View all clips

You and your team can access and use the early years video clips with your students in a number of ways.

Access for staff teams

You can have an individual or team account for any of your staff or tutors. Account holders can use the footage during lectures and seminars through the Siren Films Early Years Clip Library website. You can use the site to search for video clips that compliment your seminar. Each user can build their own playlists and save videos for ease of use. These playlists can be shared among users within your team.

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Access for students

You can allow students to access the materials in a number of ways:

1. Learners accounts

You can give access to students via a learners account. Students with an account will have access to all of the Early Years Clip Library materials via the Siren Films website. You can share playlists you have created with students. Students can use the clip library for their own educational purposes including presentations.

2. Embedding into your LMS

You can embed any of the clips in the Early Years Clip Library into your virtual learning systems or internal intranets. For ease of use staff can use the Siren Films Early Years Clip Library website to search and select relevant clips.

3. Open access Library account

You can allow students enrolled at your institution to access the Early Years Clip Library materials with an open access password which can be managed and handed out via your Library staff.

The education learners licence options will cover a specific number of students to able to access the materials while your institution has an active licence. It will allow students to access the materials in the Early Years Clip Library via all of the three options. You can choose which delivery option suits you best or choose a mix of all three.

Educational packages pricing

Find out about set pricing packages. With a range of options to allow access for single users, staff teams and cohorts of students there will be an option to fit your needs and budget. We can also create a bespoke package to fit specific needs.

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