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To really understand how children learn and develop you need to see this happening, which can be a challenge within the confines of a classroom. All of our documentaries and observational studies explore how children learn and develop, by capturing everyday events from the perspective of the child. They visually illustrate what complex theories actually look like in everyday practice.

Research & development

During the research and development process we work in close collaboration with the UK's leading childcare experts and academic researchers to ensure our material is always in line with contemporary theory and offers robust exploration of the subjects covered.


How to use these films with your students?

Practice makes perfect, with our material your students can hone their skills of observation, watching and re-watching if necessary. Your students will be able to observe everyday scenarios in the early years - in nursery settings, in homes with parents and with child-minders. The ability to master and carry out observational studies can all take place within the classroom, without the need for placements.

Along with the opportunity to hone observation skills, students will also be able to learn, discuss and reflect on every aspect of early childhood development and effective pedagogy - especially with our fascinating longitudinal studies that follow particular children over a number of years on their unique journey through early childhood.

Who are they useful for?

Our child development observational studies and documentaries are suitable for a range of levels from level 3 upto MA and support learning across several departments and courses -child development, psychology, health and social care, paediatric nursing, teacher training and all early years courses. Over 500 academic institutions, nationally and internationally already use our material and feedback from them indicates that this the most effective way for students to learn about the subject of child development and to develop the skills and knowledge needed to work with young children.

How to access our material

Traditionally we have sold our documentaries and observational studies in DVD format for the shelves of University and college libraries as well as adding to lecturers classroom resources. However, we now offer STREAMING LICENSES on all of our material which is proving extremely popular with institutions that host their own learning platforms/VLE's. We offer very competitive prices and we are happy to tailor your license to your institutions requirements.

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In a nutshell these products are great for...

  • practicing recording observations, making assessments and planning
  • generating animated discussion and debate with engaging and emotive footage
  • understanding child development and learning
  • learning about effective pedagogy
  • exploring various aspects and techniques of observation
  • supporting lectures - watch a short clip, chapter or a full film
  • suitable for distance/self-directed learning


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