Insights into self-regulation

Self-regulation and executive functioning are consistently linked with successful learning, including pre-reading skills, early maths and problem solving. Developing self-regulation helps children in really important and far reaching ways.

Being self-regulated or being very cognitively controlled, turns out to be really important. Lots of evidence suggests that this is probably thee development in early childhood that significantly predicts a whole range of academic educational outcomes but also general life outcomes, emotional well-being, ability to work in a group, ability to make friends, to develop as a well adjusted social being who can work well with others and in particular the ability to maintain and control ones attention on a task is very predictive of long term outcomes like that.

An Introduction to Self-regulation


This introductory film gives a clear explanation of what self-regulation is. It explains how four basic psychological principles are the bedrock of self-regulation, allowing it to thrive.

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Use the clip library to practise and refine your skills

With 100s of short video clips to search through there's always going to be something that fits your needs. You can search by specific theories, areas of play, learning strategies and find just what you need to enhance your training and make learning stick. Additional information, prompts and reflection questions provide support and guidance for planning training.

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