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Life at two – playing with key person

33 months – Socialising with peers and the importance of the key person role.
  • Key person builds on Ava's interests
  • Discovering about weights through play with key person
  • Practising empathy through play with key person
  • Elfer - key person's presence helps child's thinking
  • Mealtime - socialising with peers


  • What does Ava compare the monkey tree to?
  • What has Ava learned from the monkey tree game?
  • What names does Ava give the soft toys?
  • How does Claire introduce an emotional theme to the soft toy game?
  • What does Ava think will make baby hedgehog feel better?
  • What is Ava learning from the soft toy game?
  • Why is it important for Claire to follow Ava’s lead when they play Contents of section together?
  • How does Claire enhance Ava’s play?

Claire delights in playing with Ava and Ava loves the interactions. As well as mostly following Ava’s lead in the games, Claire sometimes expands the play by suggesting new ideas and asking open ended questions. She is getting to know Ava well now and knows what kind of games she likes to play. Because of the close relationship they have formed Claire can really develop Ava’s learning in a way most suited to her. She knows Ava’s likes and dislikes from observing her and as she communicates well with Ava’s mum they pass information between them about her interests.