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Improve Early Years outcomes across your borough

Providing your early years sector with regular access to the best possible training resources ensures that your borough effectively supports the development of the under 5’s - giving young children the best opportunity to succeed, right from the start.

Siren Films has an excellent reputation with Councils and local authorities for providing high quality, cost effective training films for the Early Years sector. Over 200 local authorities in the UK already use our Documentaries and Observational Studies for their Early Years training provision.


 What makes these products effective?

  • Siren Films comprehensively support training for the:
    • revised EYFS Framework
    • Pre-Birth to Three: Positive Outcomes
    • Curriculum for excellence
    • Foundation Phase
  • endorsed by and written in conjunction with the UK’s leading experts
  • high quality and crammed with latest research and findings
  • capturing everyday events from the perspective of the child
  • visually illustrating what complex theories actually look like in everyday practice

With this kind of regular insight your team will be able to support children with a real understanding and confidence about the provision they offer. The user notes provide support and guidance for planning training sessions and together with the films, they make an ideal resource for your in house training.

Outstanding training leads to outstanding results

By studying and understanding the development and learning processes of young children, practitioners are able to plan provision and assess children's needs in an informed and confident way. Siren Films offer practitioners a deep level of understanding about the learning and developmental needs of young children in an engaging, emotive and  accessible way. With this in depth understanding of what children are learning and how to support their development, practitioners are then able to provide the best possible practice and care.

The right kind of training...

produces solid, measurable outcomes within settings

"We set up new provision for 2 year olds in September 2013 and were keen to think about how we wanted every aspect of it to be for our new children. We used the videos with all of our staff to help us plan for and reflect on our new adventure. I am convinced that Siren Films played a part in helping us be judged to be outstanding for our 2 year old provision.”

Jo O’Raw, Headteacher, Lark Hill Nursery School

Working with parents and carers effectively

Supporting parents' and carers' aspirations, self esteem and parenting skills in really solid and accessible ways can be quite a challenge for nursery/centre staff. These relationships need to be approached with skill and integrity and often it is down to the nursery/centre staff to foster the partnerships.

Therefore, we have developed a series of documentaries that comprehensively support and explore key parenting issues. Topics such as ‘tuning in’, separation anxiety, the importance of eye contact and much, much more are all covered in our award winning ‘All about Attachment’ series.



Generating thought and discussion

Feedback indicates that sharing our films with parents and/or carers is really enjoyable way to support them with their key issues. The documentaries are great for generating thought, discussion and reflection whilst gently encouraging the development of nurturing relationships within the family home.


Here's some feedback from a Children's Centre parent group that uses Siren's films...

"...it shows real babies in real situations"


"...the homes in the films are very natural, warm and inviting and not too expensive looking or "POSH!""


"...there is no professional preaching to us about what we should or should not do. The experts who spoke are the sort of people you can relate to…not pompous or judgmental"


"I felt reassured about what I was doing when I watched this film but I didn't know anything about the importance of talking to my baby!"


"I feel the same! I didn't have a clue about that… or about why people read books to their babies at the library! This was all really interesting!"

 Feedback taken from parent support sessions that watched Attachment in Practice and Life at Two at a Children’s Centre in Totnes, hosted by Jacqui Cousins. 



Cost Effective

All of our films are crammed with valuable insights and each viewing brings new perspectives and ideas. Feedback from our customers indicates that our resources are used time and time again making them excellent value for money.

We understand that LEA training needs to be comprehensive and needs to reach many people therefore we are always happy to discuss tailor made packages to suit your needs and budget. We are also happy to negotiate discounts on large and/or multiple orders. Please call or email to discuss further how we can help you today.



Here's just a few of our LEA customers