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Essential attributes of a key person – clip 1

Ava arrives for her first full day at nursery. Her key person Claire is there to greet her and support her to settle in. Mum and Ava have been to the nursery together a few times.

Good for looking at

  • The key person approach
  • Settling in
  • Transitions
  • Separation anxiety
  • Parents anxieties separating from their child

Before watching, get a pencil and paper and think about the following questions…

  • How does Ava react to being dropped off at nursery by mum?
  • What do you notice about how Mum and the key person respond?

What did you observe? Reflect and or discuss in pairs or a group.

  • If you were Ava, what would you want from your key person?



Task sheet session 1.1 Key Person Course Download
facilitators guide session 1.1 Key Person Course Download